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16: Products as marketing & James gets out of debt Episode 16

16: Products as marketing & James gets out of debt

Dan has been beavering away this week on some pretty killer products to help ilo grow, while I mess around making a diss-site for the Blue Yeti (I really dislike it immensely).

· 24:18

This week I sell my car to kickstart project get James out of debt, Dan launches a bunch of new marketing products for ilo and I practice my street hustling skills at a pub in London.

What we covered in this episode:

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About Dan
Dan is the founder of a micro-SaaS studio called Monday, where he runs a portfolio of SaaS products currently doing $7k a month. This included ilo (Analytics for Twitter), a collection of products and themes for Ghost and Dan’s new referral product, Refermo, which he’ll be launching during this show. Last year, Dan left his job to pursue indie hacking full-time.

Dan's Twitter
ilo.so - Twitter analytics
Gloat - Ghost host
Cove - Commenting for Ghost
Super Themes Co. - Ghost themes
Refermo - Referrals/affiliates for Paddle-powered SaaS

About James
I’m at a slightly earlier stage than Dan, but also left my full-time job in 2021. I get most of my income producing podcasts for clients but it’s my aim to turn my own podcast into a profitable, sustainable business. I run the Indie Bites show, which is 15 minute conversations with indie founders, currently doing about $700 a month in revenue. I also have a podcast course called 2HourPodcast and a handmade leather wallet business, both of which I’d like to grow over the year.

James' Twitter
Indie Bites - Indie founder chats
2 Hour Podcast - Podcasting course
Whitstable Craft Co - Handmade leather wallets
PodPanda - Podcast editing


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